Health and Social Care


Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker


Uplifting societal well-being by providing empathy-led healthcare support and making a difference in the medical landscape. This apprenticeship will give you the skills and knowledge to work effectively as a Health Care support worker.

Entry Requirement:

No requirements, but an employer might have its selection process.

Duration: 12 to 18 months

Occupational profile:

As a Healthcare support worker (HCSW), your job is to;
(i) Perform clinical duties and carry out everyday jobs at the clinic
(ii) Checking and tracking the patients daily vitals (Blood pressure, temperature or weight).
(iii) Keeping a tab on the patient's recovery progress, experience at the clinic and overall well-being.
(iv) Part of your job might also require you to help the patients change, wash, eat, drink, and go to the toilet.
(v) Aid your co-workers in the routine healthcare check-ups
(vi) Carry out non-clinical jobs that ensure smooth functioning of the facility. These can include record-keeping, making beds, ensuring the safety of the equipment, etc.

The scope of work of HCSW is vast, and so is the working landscape. Your co-worker can be from health and social care backgrounds, and the supervisor will be a registered healthcare provider.

Responsibilities & duties

As a competent HCSW, you will be assigned certain duties daily. Your working environment will be diverse, filled with different professionals working collaboratively to achieve the same goal - societal well-being. As a certified HCSW, you will be expected to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) and maintain quality work. Additionally, it’s mandatory that you comply with the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England. You can earn the ‘Care Certificate’ during the first part of this apprenticeship programme, which can be achieved after being thorough with the induction and fundamental skills needed to provide quality care.


If you don’t have Level 1 English & Maths before enrolling in this apprenticeship, you will be required to complete it and take the test for Level 2 English & Maths before this apprenticeship programme ends.


Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker


Improving overall health and well-being of the society by providing quality healthcare with seniority-level expertise. Senior healthcare support workers help registered practitioners deliver healthcare services to people.

Entry Requirement:

Employers may prefer apprentices with prior experience as support workers.

Duration: Typically 18 - 24 months

Occupational profile:

As a Senior Healthcare support worker, your job is to;
(i) Help registered practitioners in delivering quality healthcare services
(ii) Perform a range of clinical and non-clinical healthcare or therapeutic tasks under the supervision of a registered healthcare practitioner
(iii) Deliver quality and compassion-led healthcare and do so while following standards, policies or protocols.
(iv) Your duties can apply to various healthcare institutes like the hospital, community
health, or daycare unit, birth centre or midwifery-led unit, patient’s home, operation theatre, nursing care home, assessment centre, schools, prison, GP surgery, charity or voluntary organisation.
(v) You have to work individually as well as collaboratively with individuals, families, careers, and other service providers.

Responsibilities & duties

Your responsibilities as a Senior Healthcare support worker lie under greater area, and duties are delegated to you in line with care plans. As a result, you have a larger role in making decisions and taking charge of your area instead of carrying out duties yourself.

Your supervisor will review your account. Since you’ll be an experienced healthcare worker, you are expected to demonstrate best practises and act as a role model to those who are following your guidance and advice. In other duties, you may have to supervise or guide the less experienced staff in your team and patiently teach them the procedures. The Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Worker and Adult Social Care Workers needs to be followed diligently while you’re on duty.

Career Opportunities:

1. Adult nursing support
2. Maternity support
3. Theatre support
4. Mental health support
5. Children and young people support
6. Allied health profession – therapy support

Industry-specific requirement

The apprentice must complete an induction that meets the 15 standards in the Care Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit the dedicated information page for your desired apprenticeship. Then, navigate through the menu bar and select the course of your choice.

You can opt for the Level Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship if you don’t have prior experience.

Yes, It’s open to everyone and anyone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge. However, a Screening test will be conducted to test your current understanding of the subject.

You can fill out the Employer’s enquiry form, and our team shall get back to you at the earliest. Go to the ‘Employer’s’ tab in the menu bar to fill out the form.

Yes, both vary greatly in the degree of expertise and the job responsibilities. Visit the respective pages to learn more about both of the programmes.

Yes, you will earn your apprenticeship degree when you duly complete all the requisites for the programme.

Yes, apprenticeship programmes offer you to ‘Earn while you learn.’

● A. Be aged 16 at the time of enrollment.
●   Be a UK or European Economic Area (EEA) or have lived in the UK or EEA for the past three consecutive years.
●     Not already be in fulltime education at the point of enrolment.
●     Not already hold a qualification at the same level or above in the same area

If you are aged 16-24, your employer and the government will meet the tuition fees of your apprenticeship. As an employee, you will be paid a salary by your employer. However, you will need to cover your day to day living cost,rent, travel, cost and equipments.

Please click “ apply now” or contact us to enrol on an apprenticeship. Please also visit our vacancy page.

It varies for the apprenticeship that you’re choosing.

An apprenticeship can open many doors and create new opportunities once completed and we will support and offer guidance on your next steps.

Overall, you can:
● Turn your apprenticeship into a permanent position 
● Progress onto a higher level apprenticeship
● Branch out into further employment

Types of support you will receive
● A comprehensive induction
● Mentoring or regular one to one guidance 
● Social enrichment and networking opportunities
● Performance review
● Mental health and well being support