Opportunities for Employers

LAAT continues to lead the way in the delivery of vocational education utilising a blended learning strategy that combines online and face-to-face delivery. In order to address the business and economic challenges of the modern world, our strategy blends the well-established reputation of professional qualification with cutting-edge methods of delivery and facilities.

How LAAT can help you:

Working with you to ensure apprentices learn skills necessary for the apprenticeship framework.
Meeting to discuss and identify your organisation's training such as Safeguarding support.
Providing a comprehensive overview of the program identified.
Supporting completion of paperwork.
Offering flexible support with the recruitment process to the onboarding stage.
Showing how to access the Apprenticeship Service Digital System to gain incentives and reserve funding.
Providing expert tutors & dedicated assessors with the ability to adapt delivery style.
Providing expert tutors & dedicated assessors with the ability to adapt delivery style.

The benefits of Apprenticeships to employers include:

Business development: 82% of employers accept apprentices to develop a skill set amongst their business.
Cost reduction: Up to 100% funding could be redeemed for an apprenticeship.
Increased results: It’s statistically suggested that an apprentice can improve productivity at the workplace by £214 per week.
Strong staff: Staff with apprenticeships are more encouraged to work and stay true to their organisation, resulting in reduced staff turnover.
Reduced hiring cost: You can find the most efficient match to the job profile if they are an apprentice for the relevant job role.
Guaranteed skill-sets: An apprentice is rigorously trained, re-trainer, and up- skilled.
Flexible schedules: You can conduct apprentice training at your premise to make the staff scheduling more flexible.
Hidden benefits: you don’t have to pay the Employer National Insurance Contribution if your hire an apprentice below the age of 25.

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